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Ms. Beautiful Feet World (MBFW) is poised as a Global Beauty event which touches lives..., a platform for everything related to the Feet...
a.    ·         a global platform for showcasing talent with liberty and dignity,
b.    ·         a global platform for showcasing products and services,
c.    ·         a global beauty pageant, and
d.    ·         a platform that contributes towards its social responsibilities
We envision... our own dedicated TV channel called FEET FEET! 
Our Target Audience:  MBFW has a Holistic Target Audience categorized in the following 6 parts
MBFW is holistic.., because everyone has feet

The Stage: Los Angeles - USA MBFW WORLD EXPO – 2027 (October-November).
MBFW & its concept has self core strength to not need the crutch of any celebrity. 
The event venue: L.A – USA at the Anaheim Convention Center. ( The Anaheim Convention Center is very strategically located right across Disneyland and hosts the world’s major events and exhibitions. The ideal time: End October – first week November. It is this time which has good consumer purchases happening leading up to the Christmas & the New Year Celebrations & Vacations.
Or Other relevant Venue
The MBFW Expo: An opportunity for exploring business tie-ups eliciting export opportunities.
With support from respective Export Promotion Councils of the Government of India.
The Event Venue being at Anaheim Convention Center LA – USA will serve a strong attraction for Sponsors as also Media and TV channel partnerships. The VENUE LA – Anaheim Convention Center is the Celebrity!
Ms. Beautiful Feet World - MBFW will have three creative parts..
Beauty Pageant
Ø  This will be a unique contest where the model/contestant will be at liberty to showcase and present her creativity tradition and culture in beauty as she visualizes it..,
Ø  The contestants will have three rounds: bare feet round, a footwear and accessories round, and a games round.
There will be no question answer round; judging of the winner will be done by a panel of judges, the criteria for selection will be overall assessment on the following 6 counts:
                                          i.    Poise & Confidence,
                                         ii.    Beauty, health & Fitness,
                                        iii.    Talent,
                                        iv.    Attire,
                                         v.    Public appeal,
                                        vi.    Attitude,
Our visualization about the Beauty Contest:
·         Each model/contestant will have a special time slot for showing off the beauty of their feet in many creative ways. : Dance, High Heels, Feet Accessories, Bare feet beauty, games and talent with feet.
·         We visualize a walk around which takes the models across our Expo area in all sections.., the models will walk on a carpet of rose petals.., and at select locations they will be greeted by stepping on the outspread palms of volunteers... men.., these positions for volunteering Men and/or Women will be auctioned!
·         We visualize the Cameras giving prominent focus to the Feet and this feed to be broadcast to the Video Walls
·         We visualize it to be a Circular elevated Arena, and the venue audience outside of the arena at lower level such that their eye level is at the feet of our show models and cool wheels of our Vehicles displayed!
MBFW - Social Responsibility.
Working towards achieving Higher Human Development Index among societies the world over.
Entertainment Show at the MBFW EXPO
Ø  We have conceptualized and Visualized HHOCW (Hot Heels on Cool Wheels) as a show platform to aid in the promotion of Products & Services showcased in the MBFW EXPO:
Ø  This platform will give lot of creative opportunity to designers to present their creations, as also for clothes, Foot wear, accessories, and health care products, cosmetics, Jewelry to name few.
The Products and Services Expo
1.     Footwear designers,
2.     Footwear manufacturers
3.     Feet fashion Jewelry & Accessory Manufacturers,
4.     Feet Health product manufacturers,
5.     Feet Health concepts: Feet reflexology, Feet Posture, Feet Pedicure, Feet reading, Feet Odor, Feet doctors, our slogan here... “Complete wellness starts at taking care of the feet first”©!!!
6.     Feet Erotica: Entertainment, Movies, Videos, Game Shows,
7.     Vehicles (the Wheels): Bicycles, Scooters, Motorbikes, Cars, SUV’s, Personal mobility Vehicles, unique transportation vehicles promoting green and clean energy concepts… any other related products & services are welcome who want to take benefit of the Expo platform.
The Expo will have 150 stalls each of 700 Square feet
Cost of Each stall: USD 20,000 all inclusive.., this will include return tickets for two representatives of the stall purchaser, Hotel stay and local travel at Los Angeles (between expo to hotel) Hotels are walking distance from the Anaheim Convention Center and we expect a tie-up with Disney land which is right across the Anaheim Convention Center to make the event a memorable business cum pleasure trip for all Expo participants.
Being at the Anaheim Convention Center – LA – USA
Event Time: 3 DAYS – 10 Hours every day – 12 am to 10 pm tentative date: Oct end – Nov beginning 2027
Prominent Responsibilities:
1.   Event Content Production , IPR & Due Diligence
2.   People Logistics & Carnet Cargo Logistics: All Admin Staff, Participating artists, supporting services people, participating exhibitors, Delegates travel and complete logistics Arrangement:  
3.   Pre Event Publicity Campaign USA – Mexico – Brazil – UK – India – China , Through Channel partners & Online Social Media , Viral Videos: Adroit In Media with Event Management team in India, 
Event Sponsorship & Co-Branding Opportunities:
-  Event Sponsor, who will get Name co-branding with the event. USD 600,000.00
-  Additional Sponsors and advertising spots... on contestant’s attire and endorsements.
-  Sale of content broadcast rights
- Launch & Sale of Calendar 2028 at the Expo
- Sale of volunteer spots at the beauty pageant.


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