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Dear Friends: I start this discussion on Initiation & Experiences:

  1. When was the first time in your life (what age) when you started to know about your attraction towards Feet of Women,
  2. How was the progress in imagining about feet: I mean was the first thought to touch them, and then gradually it progressed to wanting to kiss them and be all the more creative with them, or was it from the very start a desire to devour them complete with wild passion! ?
  3. Have you expressed about your special Fetish/Admiration for Feet to other humans (Women or Men?) Friends or Colleagues or Strangers?
  4. Personal Experiences in Worshiping Feet...

I request all to please be genuine: We are all very gifted in the similarity that we recognize and adore beauty in every aspect of life and specially where it starts and is at its epitome: Feet of Women , So we do not need to brag or lie or make fictitious stories, try and be honest it will be good for yourself and your community too...



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yes....i gotta noe dys when i was 13yrs old...

i first kissed my mani when she was sleepin...it was just once....nw i m 17yrs....and i've neva got any option to lick feets of gils.....and m dieing to do so......pls guys help me...i m just 17...i hv m whole lyf ahead.....i really wanna lick girls feetssss.......

dont worry man ill give u chance just be in contact ........

ma'am i can lick ur feets pls ma'am i'll be ur dog ol my lyf...plsgimme a chance

when i was 12 years old. i first kissed my cousines feet when she was sleeping. i didnt say abt it to any one. i want to do it in real life now i m 22 years old and really really dieng to do this. i fullfill my desire only by watching footfetish sites



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