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An Opportunity for Manufacturers / Distributors of Products and or Services relating to Feet, Beauty, Cosmetics, Sports, Spas & Saloons, Fitness, Event planners and many more...

Ensure your presence on our “Ms. Beautiful Feet World” platform which offers immense business growth opportunities for your products the world over…

Ms. Beautiful Feet World is a global beauty event organized by us: “Adroit In Media Pvt. Ltd.” (AIMPL)  – Mumbai – India…

At Ms. Beautiful Feet World we promote talented women from all walks of life from around the world and provide them with a life time earning opportunity.

In a unique combination of celebrating and promoting “Talent”, at Ms. Beautiful Feet World our focus starts from celebrating the care and beauty of “feet” one of the most important parts of our anatomy as also the pre-requisite to our steps in life and business…

We have participants and members from around the world and our Ms. Beautiful Feet World is an indispensable platform for you to reach out your products and services to your relevant buyers not only in India but all over the world.

In addition our participating models – (the talented and beautiful women) from around the world promote your products aggressively ensuring your business growth…


Being on Ms. Beautiful Feet World Platform is very accessible and designed to provide maximum return on investment and focused on our attitude… Results First!!! …


You can avail of various opportunities to grow your product brand and your sales through our Ms. Beautiful Feet World platform…


Starting with the most convenient and highly result oriented… listing your products on our online products mall… and reach them out to our community members from around the world and our visiting members (we are currently getting more than 50000 unique monthly visitors and growing very fast…)


Listing on our online Products mall includes:-

Photos and Video presentation of your product SKU…

(photos and videos to be provided by you or alternatively we can do a custom shoot at your cost for you to suit your products & services requirements)

  1. Integrated online payment option…
  2. Your complete contact details and online feedback form…


Your annual cost Per Product SKU is … only Rs. 9,999.00 (including 12.36% Service Tax) alternatively :- US Dollar 225.00

Apart from the above, you can avail of our varied services and opportunities for advertising…

  • With our models…
  • At our events…
  • Co-Sponsorship, Sponsorship & Event Partnership,

Please contact us to finalize a advertising package best suited to your needs.

Best regards,

Sumeet Sharma


Ms. Beautiful Feet World


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