We now offer Individual (single) Videos for sale.., any video just Rs. 540.00 

Pay using this link: Buy Single Video

...then email us info@msbeautifulfeetworld.com your payment transaction id and the name of this video you want to download full from the list of available videos on the following page: http://videos.msbeautifulfeetworld.com/ , You can watch previews of some of our videos on our Facebook page http://fb.msbeautifulfeetworld.com/ ,

the download link will be sent to you within 24 hours, and it will be valid for another 24 hours..,


download all our existing and to be updated VIDEOS!!!

at todays count this is less than Rs 70 (less than 1 USD) per video!!! and our videos will keep updating!!!

pay with this link : https://pmny.in/VIYf1J0hNiDc

CheerS! EnjoY!!!

Jobs : : Required Women Models: Modelling assignments for: Beautiful Feet, Decorated Feet, High heels, Dance, Yoga, Body Flexibility and more....

Thank-you for expressing interest to work on our Modelling Assignment for Ms. Beautiful Feet World "Shoot it Yourself,
About us: 

We are active in diverse business sectors one of which is entertainment digital content production,

We own Ms. Beautiful Feet world (msbeautifulfeetworld.com), here We have expressed our creativity focusing on beauty and sensuality of feet of women. We countered the view of a major section of the world societies that any attraction towards feet is not normal or its a Fetish, or Feet are unclean. . Not in our View.. , coming from Indian heritage and culture for us everything is beautiful, and specially as to the human body each and every part is to be devoted equal attention in cleanliness, hygiene and beauty.
As to Beauty, Sensuality , sexiness in a woman! in our view it starts at her feet!

The purpose of MBFW is to erase the "fetish" from the "Feet"..., for us... Feet are everything... fetish is for everything else! is our tag line on msbeautifulfeetworld.com

We sell photos and videos on the theme of feet being beautiful and sexy..., We have produced videos showing feet are beautiful and it is not only normal to enjoy them passionately and sensually but not doing so was actually not normal!

Our videos are a mix of solo videos where the female model is alone and also themes of couple.. where the man is admiring the feet of the woman in various different creative themes, there is lots of admiring of the feet by kissing and loving of the feet in our videos as that is our core creative expression...

Please see our FB pages. . https://www.facebook.com/FeetReverythingFetishisforeverythingElse this page is for just photos and job posts & our main FB page : https://www.facebook.com/msbeautifulfeetworld which has our earlier Videos ,

With Pride we say that we are the only content creators from India and probably the world over who have successfully presented to the world that attraction towards Feet is "The Normal!" Our earlier videos have lot of admiring of the feet in different themes with kissing and loving as that is our creative expression in presenting to the world that feet can be and should be enjoyed passionately, and in-fact not enjoying them so is not normal!

In seeing our earlier video previews  from our fb pages and our earlier photos you will get an idea on how to plan your shoot yourself and how to present the camera angles so that you and your feet are very beautifully presented from every angle, from long shots and close ups. . , each Video should incorporate an equal mix of long shots, close ups and covering feet from all angles .. , in long shots please include your entire self (just not the face, you can show upto the chin or even lips, neck area etc. . from shots from the back side can include full coverage of yourself . . ., just don't cover your face from the front.
The main reason to not show the face of our Models is that we do not want unknown people searching for our models on social media and contacting them. Our website has members from around the world, and our fb page has more than 30K followers!

Now we are focusing on Creating Content on diverse talent, primarily Beautiful Feet in combination of Talent in Dance, Yoga, Body Beautiful - Body Flexibility and therefore we are offering the opportunity to women who can submit their self made photos and videos related to our theme in combination of clean and well cared for Beautiful feet...

We offer the following Opportunity : 

The assignment is to submit your self made videos and photos ...

You need to submit 5 videos each of at-least 15 minute duration  (FHD 1920x1080P. ) and 25 good photos.
for this first assignment we pay Rs. 5000.00 , The payment is done when the complete content is submitted to us and accepted by us.

You will need to first submit some sample photos and couple of videos of 1 minute each so that we confirm that you are able to do the videos yourself in the correct manner, only on our approval we will confirm the assignment to you and then you can proceed to make the complete set as per in consultation with our directions.

with the success of the first assignment, we would like to offer subsequent assignments.

Since the theme of Ms. Beautiful Feet world msbeautifulfeetworld.com is Beauty and sensuality of the Feet.. ., for these solo videos the Face of the Female model is to be tactfully not shown.., the shooting angles are to be planned in such a way that just the face is not covered or when the full shot is taken, it is done from the back or the side so as never to show the face of the female model. Even a beautifully creative and decorative face cover can be used.

This matches perfectly with our theme about focusing on the feet and also gives to the models freedom of anonymity and liberty of enhanced expression... 
While doing the videos and photos care should be taken to show the feet very clean and well cared for and beautiful in posing and poise. 

We will guide and give proper directions about how to do the photos and videos, the video formats, how to self shoot the videos on mobile phone, the scripts etc.. , the participating girls will submit to us the Videos ready after editing (we will guide them with free editing software and how to insert our copyright information in the videos.) The videos can be shot indoors as well as outdoors.. 

To be our model you must be of age 21 and above, You will sign a detailed contract of full media release and confidentiality of work with us. our content is sold on different online platforms. You will need to submit  passport or aadhar card as photo ID proof.

Below here are some links from youtube which I am sharing with you just to give you an idea of how to plan the shooting angles, these are not to be copied but just to take inspiration from them to plan your own themes creatively.
For long shots

For close up shots

For outdoors... 

For Yoga

For themes

For ideas for pics

you can choose the attire that you are comfortable in , it should overall show you as very attractive, beautiful and shapely.

You will need to sign and submit our Model Release Contract along with the content if we grant the assignment to you.

While confirming your interest to work on this assignment..,  for our selection we require some pics and a sample video.., 
If selected and confirmed by us, we will send you the contract and the guidance with sample videos.

please feel free to call us to discuss and ask any questions that come to you. . 

Further Opportunity: The models who successfully complete this first assignment, we will invite them to be on our ROSTER of MODELS AND ARTISTS on our website drivingdreams.in for their promotion and talent management.

We Driving Dreams International are launching Model & Artists management service to our existing portfolio of business services.

In this we identify and select models, we give them profiles on our website along with a personal URL, we promote them and get work for them on a 60:40 revenue sharing mechanism, 

All work that we get for them, 60 % of the fees charged to the client is paid to the model and 40% is for us the company,  Being a model managed by our company the Model has a sense of security about the assignments and specially as to the legal terms of the agreement with the client.

To be on our roster of models the selected model has to sign our services agreement and abide by the terms, to setup the models profile the basic requirement is of 15 good quality photos and at least one video, along with response to a detailed questionnaire about body statistics and the kinds  of work the model agrees to receive. The model has to on regularly update her profile with new photos and videos.

The Models can even promote themselves using the profile we offer them and for such work where the model wants us to represent them, we offer 70:30 revenue sharing.

We do not charge the models to be on our Roster,  it is only when the work assignment is offered that we recover our costs in revenue sharing,

There is no time projection on when the work will be offered as it all depends on the clients.

Ms. Sonu Sharma
Executive Producer - Ms. Beautiful Feet World
Director Driving Dreams International
Mr. Sumeet Sharma
  • Founder - Ms. Beautiful Feet World - msbeautifulfeetworld.com 
  • Chief Consultant - Driving Dreams International : Legal & Business Consulting Services ( http://drivingdreams.in/ )

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