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Hi Friends.., I have been amazed sometimes when I have come across women who are otherwise very beautiful and attractive but have not attractive or almost ugly feet meaning to my eyes crooked toes or even worst totally uncared-for feet! And also at times I have met women who are otherwise not attractive at all but have amazingly beautiful and sexy feet and that too well cared for!

Then... many times I have come across just one part of the foot not beautiful while the rest is awesomely beautiful... like may be the heels and soles and the arch is very beautiful but the toes are not!... Have you felt the same at times.. what are your views and experiences... please share.. :)



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but as i have seen the women and girls who are beautiful , most of them have the beautiful feet. but also i have seen the same as you observed but in rare.
Nicely put! :)

arjun asthana said:

yess i hve also met a female with very beautiful feet, her toes specially.....dey wer awsme!! but she was not among the pretty gal types!!!infact she was dark and was short so she wasn't beautiful or stunning...but yes her feet wer one of d most beautiful i hve ever seen!!!

i guess its all about feet 0f a first her face may matter....but on the long run she must have beautiful feet!!!whom one can pamper ....

Hey I went on you tube and I want to see indain girls feet sucking any help

very nice.....:-)

Hey how are u can u find me any indain girls in uk with foot fetish i really want to suck Indian girls toes

Average face, beautiful feet better than beautiful face, and average looking feet

yes sumit you are right i also hv seen this things

Can i get feetfettish girl frm kerala

i agree.

I had one co-worker in my older co. where i worked. She was not very good looking, but man, she had the feet of a godess. Above all she herself loved having a look at her feet all the time. She used to pull her foot out of her flip-flops or sandals intermittently to have a look at them and i used to blow up literally.

Its been a long time i ve met her but whenever i close my eyes i cannot recall how she looked but like a powerpoint presentation her feet crop up in my dreams all the time especially her toes wiggling and high heeled strappy sandal dangling.

i ll agree u sir...

i hv also noticed many times , such a cases , sometimes nice foot but not toes , uneven size of the foot , etc.

but it is not noticed by women because they have no knowledge about creatures like us who born to worship their feet look them. Even though we adjust with them because it it great to us just to watch feet of women.

True indeed. I personally like long toes and big feet but that does not stop me from admiring other forms of feet and look at the specific part of the feet which is beautiful like the heel or the sole or the arch or just the fairness and cleanliness of feet and sometimes even neat and clean nails or nail polish. I think that is something which is automatically done by a foot fetish mind like ours.

Yes very much so :)


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