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Date: 1st March 2014.

Hello Members.. , since 2006 when we started Ms. Beautiful Feet World.., explored our creativity in presenting before the world ... our passionate expressions relating to feet of women! sometimes as general video clips, other times as documentaries, some as experiments, and in few trying to adapt to different tastes of individuals from across the world requesting to see their desired visuals.. notably in Female Domination...

Our plans and desires are many..


MBFW Studios : First Full length Film for the international audience: titled: Mind IT

Key Features of the Plot:

It contains Uniqueness in:

Suspense & Mystery

A Logical Plot. . a Film to see with your brains and mind and heart! and all organs together!


Loaded with Passionate lovemaking and games with beautiful sexy Feet! Never before seen coming from Indian produced Cinema... we aspire to achieve uniqueness in creating a first of its kind presentation.

About Investing in MBFW Videos:

Off and on some members here on MBFW have called me and expressed to me the intent to invest in our productions specifically in our Videos .., I have as yet desisted in accepting these offers mainly because I know the returns are slow, and then there are operational process difficulties like : defining exact time of returns, maintaining accounts of sales of videos and the Risk Factor. It happened to our first produced video series - they were uploaded free on torrent and YouTube by some people who either purchased it or just re-posted them on sharing sites..,

It took me immense time and energy to rectify this.., it helps me that by profession I am a practicing Corporate Lawyer and so I have garnered good connections with law-enforcement agencies at different strategic locations around the world, but still I am sure there must be some sites on the internet where our videos might be available as pirated. I am thankful to Nature and God that we still get a steady stream of new members who support our effort by upgrading to our paid memberships. 

There fore in the present circumstances I offer the following opportunity to invest and earn with our Videos whilst primarily supporting us in our efforts.

A minimum investment block of USD 2000.00 ( Indian Rupees 1,20,000.00) no upper limit in investing in our creations..

You the investor gets to see 6 new Videos each of 15 minute duration, ( for each block of USD 2000 invested)


We assure to return you with appreciation on your investment on completion of 1 years from the date of your investment. 

If you want your name can be credited as a Co-producer in these produced 6 Videos we will gladly do that.

so if you invest 2000 USD on a particular date what follows is:

  1. within a period of 1 month you will get to see 6 new Video clips
  2. and at completion of one year from the date of your investment we will give to you a total sum of money USD 2500.00 (Indian Rupees 1,50,000.00) transferred to your bank account, and with this payment the return of your investment will be complete and no further payments will be done to you. All Intellectual Property Rights of all creations will always solely vest with Adroit In Media Pvt. Ltd.

Preempting some of your questions:

Q. Risk & Trust factor:

A. The above proposal has no risk to you, even if we do not recover or what ever else happens we stand committed to return to you what is promised: that is the number of video clips and appreciation on the amount invested at the completion of one year. As to trust: that is totally your judgement about us and our work sofar.

You  are welcome to know something about me and my work: , operating as a private limited company with a decent sized team of dedicated people my company Adroit In Media Pvt. Ltd. has an antiquity of 10 years with no defaults whatsoever.


Q. Can you suggest scripts and themes for the videos on which you invest? 

A. Yes you can subject to the script being accepted by me and subject to the scripts and themes not burdening additional costs in production 

Q. Can you act in the Videos?

A. No.

Any questions feel free to write to me on

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