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Before you start exploring and using our site please take a moment to understand some basic rules & FAQ's...

Simple Rules:

1. We do not allow men posing as women to register on Ms. Beautiful Feet World, every individual that registers as a Female, needs to authenticate herself by calling at: 00-91-9820998399, and provide us with a Government Issued photo id. Weather or not to allow anyone to be a member on our site is solely our prerogative.

Failing the above compliance profiles registered as females will be deleted and their IP's banned permanently from this network.
 Women intending to join us please first write to us on  or call on the above number.

2. On this site we address Women either by their profile names or as Goddesses or as specifically required by the individual Woman .., we do not address women as "Mistress" or any other word.


Q1. What is the purpose of MBFW (Ms. Beautiful Feet World)?

A1. MBFW.... is poised as a global event to celebrate the feet of women in the aspects of : Fashion, Beauty, Care, medical research & Erotica.., in our view .. in a Woman every thing is beautiful and the beauty starts and is at its epitome at her Feet!!! The purpose of MBFW is to erase the "fetish" from the "Feet"..., for us... Feet are everything... fetish is for everything else!

Q2. Is Ms. Beautiful Feet World a paid membership site?

A2. YES, 


Ms. Beautiful Feet World (MBFW) is a paid-access network. Choose from the available membership subscription periods this includes access to your profile + included in this cost is the membership to our ": MBFW Studio: Full Videos & Photos Download Group" so you can enjoy downloading all our existing and updated videos during your MEMBERSHIP Subscription tenure.

Our members enjoy expressing themselves in blogs, forums, join activity groups and express themselves to our Models the gorgeous goddesses and other women members! We have members from 92 Countries.. All women members are 100% verified

Once you signup and create your profile to continue using MBFW you will automatically be prompted towards our payment gateway.., making payment will get you instant access., you can then Join the MBFW Studio: Full Videos download group which has currently 120+ videos and is growing!,  


Q3. Where and how can I watch the Videos?

A3. You can watch the previews of our videos for on this page: "VIDEOS" , you can then download & watch the full videos by joining our Group: Full Videos & Photos Download , access to this group is the privilege of paid members of Ms. Beautiful Feet World 



Q4. I am obsessed with Feet of Women all the time and it has affected your my and productivity in a negative way.. can you help..
A4. Yes you can seek "Peer Counselling" This is a paid service.


Q5. Do you give contacts of your models or arrange private foot worship sessions?
NO WE DO NOT. We produce videos and documentaries which are available on this site for personal viewing. We do not arrange any private sessions and we never give the contacts of our models to anyone.

Q6. I want to act in the videos, what should I do..,
A6. I Produce, Direct, Script and Act in the videos we produce along with other actors whom we hire and source them from proper and reputed modelling / acting co-ordination agencies.., We do not invite site members to act in our videos..,

Q7. Then what are the options and activities available for members?

A7. We plan to organize events, seminars, and meetings.., the first in this series is : "Charan Amrit"

Q8. I want to know more about your research project: "Hyper Energetic Reflexology"?

A8. Please visit "HER" , and if interested apply to join the group: "Hyper Energetic Reflexology : Diploma Course"

Q9. Are there female members on this site with whom I can talk?

A9. Yes there are some.., we take special care to ensure that there are never any fake female profiles created on this site, as and when our female members are online you can contact them by messaging them on their profile..,

Q10. Can I chat with the female members online?

A10. Our models are given the title of "Goddess" .. you will see a goddess statue next to the Profile Image of our models,  our Goddesses when as per their own will, they come online.. they do chat with their fans and followers.


Q11. Do you support any Charity?

A11. Yes we do.., we give 100% funding received without any deductions whatsoever to NGO's working on  "Save the Girl Child" , if you are interested to donate and contribute please contact me on

Q12. Can you do custom videos?

A12. Yes, we have a minimum budget of 3000 USD in which we can produce 6 videos each of minimum 10 minute final edited duration. with one female actor and one male actor., If you order custom videos (subject to our accepting your script and the budget which varies as per location, costume and models required) , we offer you 60% revenue share from the sale of videos to enable you to recover your investment and enjoy at the same time! if interested please contact me on

Q13. Can members organize private events and invite other members..

A13. No we do not allow members to organize private events, members are not allowed to publicize by any manner be it, discussion, forums, blogs, comments, or private messages any private event.

For any further queries please email me on or leave a comment below, we will try to answer all.


Sumeet Sharma (Moblie: 00 91 9820 99 83 99)
Managing Director
Adroit In Media Pvt. Ltd.
Thane - Mumbai - India
Monterrey - Mexico
Shenzhen - China

Life Member
Comment by footslave2016 on May 5, 2017 at 10:51pm

I am a lifetime member but I see no way to access the videos I thought I was joining to see.  Can you please tell me where on the home page I go to access all the videos?

Comment by Ms. Beautiful Feet World on May 6, 2017 at 10:21am

Hello footslave2016, thank-you for supporting us by taking our Lifetime membership plan, in this you are entitled to enjoy downloading all our existing and updated MBFW Studios' videos for a Lifetime!. Please join our Full Videos & Photos Download Group, inside the group please see this page: The above page has all details about how to download our full videos. If you need any assistance please feel free to contact me,


Sumeet Sharma - Network Creator - Ms. Beautiful Feet World


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