…many from around the world suffer silently absolutely mistaking their attribute and ability to appreciate beauty in the finest aspect on earth: "the feet of women" as only some weird and guilty fetish!!!..,

for us…


If you are obsessed with Feet of Women all the time of your life and have been only dreaming and just dreaming about them.., and it has affected your life and productivity in a negative way... then you need our Counselling... 

If you have already known what it is to achieve your most desired dreams about feet of women then more so.., but if you have not yet fulfilled your dreams...then you need our Counselling…

You too can achieve and live your dreams with Pride!

We introduce some of our good friends (Women) who join our team as Counselors, they are... Beautiful in their mind and beautiful from head to toe! They will hear you pour your heart out about all that you feel about their feet and Feet of women and how it affects you in your life…

Our Counselors will give you their invaluable personal opinions about what they feel and guide you how to behave and discipline yourself in life…so that…

… you too can live your dreams!

It is important to know in truth what a Woman feels and what a Woman wants.. And its important to know it from the Women themselves!

This is not a phone sex or audio sex chat… this will help you change your life and help you achieve your dreams…

Rules Apply!

Our Counsellors: 

Chief Counselor: Mr. Sumeet Sharma ) 

About Sumeet Sharma:  A Lawyer by profession specializing in International Corporate Frauds, IPR, Engineering Contracts, Practised Globally: India, UAE, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, UK, France, USA, Mexico, Hondurus, Guatemala, Brazil.

Autodidact Engineer: Renewable Energy specialist: Wind Power

Proponent of Research Study Theory: Hyper Energetic Reflexology

Currently - Managing Director : Adroit In Media Pvt. Ltd.

( , , & ) 

I strongly believe in the motto which I penned for my other creation: DrivingDreams!



So according to me: Dreams Achieved & Fulfilled are like MAGIC HAPPENING... & MAGIC is less taught and mostly LEARNT!

... focus on improving your learning abilities, take guidance from others who are experienced... and learn yourself! Then nothing can stop your dreams from coming true!

Languages I speak: English, Spanish, Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi

 (NOT AVAILABLE CURRENTLY)_Counselor Ms. Lynne (, From USA - 

Lynne is a good friend of mine, she is a very good, kind and understanding person.., most importantly she values and practices ethics, She knows she has beautiful feet and has millions of fans worldwide through her YouTube and social community pages. She joins my team as a Counselor to guide you , help you, help you discipline yourself.. and help you achieve your Feet related Dreams!

Languages Spoken: English.

(NOT AVAILABLE CURRENTLY) Counselor Señorita ( ); From Mumbai - India

Señorita is a very close friend, I know her since my time in Spain.., she loves Spain and Mexico a lot and that's how we got to know each other.., She is 100% Indian, a Free soul and Free mind she casts a spell on you which you would want for eternity. She joins my team as a Counselor to guide you , help you, help your discipline yourself.. and help you achieve your Feet related Dreams!

Languages Spoken: English, Hindi, Punjabi

Counselling Time slot booking procedure and charges.

Each Counselling time Slot is of 15 minutes with a 1 minute starting grace and 1 minute ending grace so total gross time: 17 minutes to the dot.

Cost USD 15.00 (Indian Rupees: 975.00)

The Steps:-

  1. First book the time slot and then ask the concerned Counselor through their personal profile (you can click the counselors pic above to go to their profile) to seek appointment.
  2. You must have a Skype account, This Counselling session will be a skype audio call only counselling session.

To book Counselling session with Counselor Mr. Sumeet Sharma click here to make payment from outside India ( click here to make Payment from India )

To book Counselling session with Counselor Ms. Lynne click here to make payment from outside India ( Click here to make payment from India ) 

To book Counselling session with Counselor Señorita click here to make payment from outside India ( Click here to make payment from India )

For members from India who are not able to pay online using our above paypal links.. please deposit to our bank account and inform me on email: (Inform how-many time slots you have booked and for which counselor. a single time slot of 15 mins has to be used at a stretch and cant be split.

you can deposit to our bank account..:

  • Please make payment by depositing cash to:
    Account name: Adroit In Media Pvt. Ltd.
    Account Number: 1144002101018072 (IFSC number, : PUNB0114400)
    Bank Name: Punjab National Bank
    Bank Address: Shilpayan Building, Shivaji Path,
    City: Thane (West)
    Pin Code: 400601
    State: Maharashtra
    Country: India

Rules Explained: (These rules here are in addition to the "FAQ's & Rules" mentioned on the main menu)

We don't believe in fine print and therefore the next writing is in BOLD!

This is not a sex chat service..., do not make payment and then call the counselor and start heavy breathing or tell the counselor to help you masturbate or talk to you and degrade you and humiliate you and talk shit to you because it gives you pleasure. IF you do so you will be debarred from this site and will forfeit what ever amount you paid to solicit the Counselling session. 

The Counselling Service is for members who want to understand their own feelings about Feet of women, and who want to learn and understand the perspective from a Woman's point of view, who want to express themselves and learn to express themselves to Women, who want to learn how to try and realize their innermost fantasies and desires about Feet of Women, Yes and in this process members are allowed to express themselves 100% to the counselor about what they feel and what they aim for.  This is a unique opportunity for people to self-learn from the experiences of our Counselors... the art of how to approach a woman and admire and compliment her for the beauty of her feet and to try and achieve her friendship and comfort and to achieve The Dream of being devoutly worshiping at her feet!

No use of any kind of abusive expressions or words towards the counselor or in general communication wit h the counselor, 

There is No-Refund under any circumstances. 

Common Sense: The counselling , the counselors advice is to help you and aid you in achieving your dreams.. it is not a guarantee that you will achieve your dreams. It is on you how well you learn and how well you implement what you have learnt that will achieve your dreams.... , We are living proof of having achieved our dreams... so you can learn to learn from us or just stand aside and watch.

Sumeet Sharma

Managing Director

Adroit In Media Pvt. Ltd.

Thane - Mumbai - India

Monterrey - Mexico

Shenzhen - China


Comment by Lynne on March 2, 2013 at 11:23am

Im excited to be part of this team :)


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