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  • Wear sunscreen every single day, irrespective of the weather. the sun's rays have the single- most damaging effect on people's skin.

  • Do not smoke. after the sun, smoking is the most harmful factor for the skin.
  • exercise keep your joints flexible and stay fit so that you do not walk like an old person.Exercise can slow the aging process not only physically, but mentally, too.It is not only great for the body; it is great for the brain as well. It can help you concentrate and think more clearly.It is definitely the smart thing to do. So if you are grading yourself on making good choices for better health, performing regular exercise would raise your score and you would consider yourself smarter.


  • yoga is an excellent choice for anti-ageing.
  • eat well.use your common-sense, do not stuff food, do not gorge on junk food, too much sugary items also are bad for skin. but at the same time, living off junk food is not going to help your skin retain its healthy glow. so balance your self and your diet. 
  • use creams and serums with active products such as green tea and other ingredients that can actually make an impact on your skin.
  • stay well groomed. dress according to your age, if you are in 40's, do not dress like 20's .

Clean and smooth feet are a dream for most people. Often, however, you cannot avoid a puddle of dirty water during a rainy season. But dirty feet are at risk of contracting infection. Extra care is therefore necessary to maintain healthy feet, away from problems such as itching and other foot diseases

Simple foot care guidelines for the rainy season

1. Do not wear closed shoes too long when it rains. Try to get the wet shoes/sneakers off as quickly as possible.

2. Always wash and dry feet after exposure to water or being trapped in a puddle.

3. Ensure that you dry between the toes to avoid athlete's foot from occurring.

4. Do NOT apply moisturising cream between the toes.

5. Use an antifungal wash/cream twice daily.

6. Clean under your toenails regularly to avoid accumulation of dirt.

Do's and Don'ts

• Don't use canvas shoes; they soak up water and can get spoiled easily.

• Don't use formal suede or leather shoes; the rain and puddle waters can damage them.

• Do watch the high heels; you can slip and fall as they sometimes have poor grip and can slide against the moss and fungus covered roads.

• Do wash your feet with an antiseptic every time after returning home.

• Do wash your sandals with a disinfectant, and put them in the sun to dry. If that isn't possible, ensure that they are fully dry before further use.

• Do try to have two pairs of shoes so you can shuffle between them to avoid wearing wet shoes/sandals.

• Do opt for regular pedicures; if not in a spa or clinic, at home.

• Do ensure that nails don't get/stay dirty. Cut them regularly. As well, try to keep them short so that dirt won't get deposited in them.

• Do clean your footwear thoroughly before wearing.

• Do dip your feet in warm water after returning home.You can put some drops of essential oils in the water; it will help to refresh you and get rid of smelly feet.

• Do use a moisturising lotion and massage it into your feet.

There is no need to hate the rains. As long as you keep your feet clean to rid them of those infectious bacteria and dirty/muddy waters, you can enjoy the rainy weather, probably even more than the dry!

Your feet mirror your general health . . . cherish them!

How to Make Your Feet Look Sexy

sexy 2 feetMany women (me included) are guilty of falling for the way shoes look on the shelves, and not necessarily how they look on the feet.

But, if you want your feet to look as sexy as the shoes they’re wearing, you must find styles that actually flatter your feet.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for shoes that will make your feet look sexy.

1. This first rule is a simple one but is often overlooked. If you hate your toes, opt for pumps with a closed toe, or try a peep-toe pump to see if its less-revealing style covers the parts you hate most.

shoes want 15 All heels report to my closet immediately (30 photos)

2. Rough, scaly heels won’t look good in a backless sandal, but there are plenty of shoes with open toes that still cover the back of your feet.

3. You need to emphasize the nice things about your feet. For instance, a pair of pumps will accentuate the graceful curves of high arches, ankle straps can highlight a shapely ankle; and of course, slides can show off a perfect set of toe nails.If you’re still convinced that every aspect of your foot is horrid, then find a pair of sexy pumps that cover as much as possible.

4. Next, your shoes must fit if you want your feet to look sexy. Even the most perfect foot looks awkward if it’s hanging over the edge of its sandal — no matter how hot the sandal in question is. On the other hand, a foot that looks as if it’s been crammed into a shoe that’s too tight will give the impression that your feet are so big you can’t find shoes that fit. The same can be said for ankle straps. If they’re cutting into your skin, loosen them or skip wearing them altogether. They shouldn’t be too loose, but if they’re too tight, they will look as uncomfortable as they feel.

5. A bit  of bling is a good thing. Nearly every shoe, and thus every foot can benefit from just a little bit of well-placed bling — shoes that look pretty will make ugly feet seem prettier, and pretty feet look gorgeous.

6. Remember too that High Heels = Sexy Feet. For those who can’t or don’t wear high heels, You need to know that shoes with heels actually will make your feet look sexier.

That’s not to say that feet can’t look sexy in flats — they can. Its just that if you’re wearing flats and you want your feet to look sexy, the shoes themselves must be on the pretty side. Look for ballet flats, feminine patterns, and flat sandals with thin straps.

7. You might also want to consider fixing acrylic nails or basically, artificial nails over your your own toenails if you think they look less than satisfactory. Beautiful toenails look gorgeous in strappy sandals.

So there you have it. Hello sexy feet!:-)

5 Natural tips to prevent hair loss  

Try the following easy tips at home and see how effective they are in reducing hair loss!

1. Hot oil treatments: Take any natural oil - olive, coconut, canola - and heat it up so that it is warm, but not too hot. Massage it gently into your scalp. Put on a shower cap and leave it on for an hour, then shampoo your hair.

2. Natural juices: You can rub your scalp with either garlic juice, onion juice or ginger juice. Leave it on overnight and wash it thoroughly in the morning.

3. Get a head massage: Massaging your scalp for a few minutes daily will help stimulate circulation. Good circulation in the scalp keeps hair follicles active. Circulation may be improved through massage by using a few drops of lavender or bay essential oil in an almond or sesame oil base.

4. Antioxidants: Apply warm green tea (two bags brewed in one cup of water) on your scalp and leave this mixture on for an hour and then rinse. Green tea contains antioxidants which prevent hair loss and boost hair growth.

5. Practice meditation: Believe it or not, most of the times, the root cause for hair loss is stress and tension. Meditation can help in reducing that and restore hormonal balance.

5 things to eat to lose weight

Image via

Stop worrying about your weight, just eat right. Here are five tips you need to keep in mind.

Have a healthy breakfast
The cardinal rule to any weight loss programme is never to miss breakfast. And oatmeal, a complex carbohydrate is ideal. It is a satisfying breakfast cereal, and compared to any other grain it provides more protein per serving. The fact that it takes longer to digest and hence releases energy slowly makes it perfect because you feel full for longer. Oats also keep blood sugar and insulin levels stable, which helps prevent fat storage. Have it with skimmed milk or yogurt.

Opt for skimmed milk
Milk and its products are rich in calcium and can help keep your bones strong. Skimmed milk, low fat cheese and yogurt helps to break down fat cells.

Bean it
Foods that are high in fibre and are good sources of protein, can help you feel full for a very long time. And that, will help you control unnecessary bingeing. Protein has a very high satiety index and that is why make proteins an essential part of your meals.

Go for the grain
Grains have complex carbohydrates which during digestion release glucose slowly. Jowar, bajra and ragi etc can help in maintaining your blood sugars levels. The fibre and vitamins in them play an important role too.

Snack on nuts through the day
Stay away from fried and salted nuts but you can munch on raw, unsalted ones — almonds, and walnuts. These have essential roughage, protein, fat, minerals and micronutrient.
A handful can keep hunger at bay and provide energy.


The texture, shape and length of the nails talk a lot about the health, basic hygiene and personal sense of style of a person. Nail care is an important part of personal grooming and this you simply cannot ignore its importance. Gorgeous and well maintained nails enhance confidence level. But still many of us often tend to neglect the importance of nail care.


Taking care of your nails is not a very difficult task. You can keep your nails in top shape is by maintaining a simple and easy to follow nail care routine.

  • You must keep your nails clean. Take time to wash in and around your nails. Soak your fingers in warm soapy water and use a soft brush to clean them. This will prevent infections due to germs and dirt accumulations. Dead skin around the nails must be removed using a pumice stone. Regular manicure of your hands will help in getting rid of the dead skin accumulation around the nails. 
  • To stop exposing your hands and fingers to harsh chemicals, wear gloves when washing dishes, washing clothes, cleaning the house, washing your car, using harsh chemicals while working on your garden and so on.
  • Keep your finger well moisturized to avoid dryness. When using a hand lotion or moisturizer, you must apply it both on the nails as well as the cuticles. Olive oil is a great moisturizer for healthy nails and before going to bed you can use this oil to keep your nails well moisturized.
  • Take out time and massage your hands properly. A hand massage stimulates blood circulation and helps in the growth of nails making them healthy and strong. You must go for a hand massage with olive oil once in a week.
  • Avoid exposing your nails in cold weather as it will dehydrate your nails and cuticles. It will make your nails prone to breaking, chapping and discoloration.
  • It is essential to allow your nails to breathe freely. This is why you must maintain a gap between nail polishes. When using nail paint you must first use a base coat on your nails and then proceed with the nail paint. This will help in maintaining the original color of your nails.

There are also certain things that you must avoid for the beauty of your nails, such as:

  • To open soda cans there are soda openers and you must use them instead of your nails. You nails can break when used for opening soda cans or removing staples from a paper.
  • To remove your nail paint never use a blade as it can leave small scratches on the nails. Using blades mean you will not have smooth and pleasant looking nails.
  • Do not pick at the cuticles as it can cause bacteria or fungal infection which is not good for the overall health of the nail bed.
  • Never use a metal nail filer to give shape to your nails as it can cause damage to your nails.
  • Avoid biting your nails as it is regarded as an unhealthy habit. Nail biting can give an uneven and ugly shape to your nails. Always use a nail cutter to cut your nails.

Totally Magnetic: 3D Nail Art Tricks

Here's the basic technique to creating your nail art:

1. Paint your nails in whatever color you like. You might want to start with a neutral color -- like black, white, or a pastel -- but you can choose more dramatic colors, depending on the look you're going for.

2. If you're using something lightweight like glitter, use the wet polish as your adhesive. For heavier embellishments, such as beads and crystals, wait for your polish to dry, then use nail glue to attach whatever 3D pieces you're using.

3. No matter what type of embellishment you're using, finish with a coat of top coat to help secure your art to your nail. The only exception to this rule is bows, because a top coat can mash them down and make them look a little funky.

How to do aroma pedicure at home

A homemade pedicure freshens and smoothes your tired, rough feet.

Essential oils, foot scrub and nail polish can make your toes look and feel pretty, whether padding around the house or peeking out from open-toes pumps. A good pedicure at home is a must.

Clip your toenails with a nail clipper. Make sure you do not clip your nails too close to the nail bed.

Put your feet into a large tub with warm water. Add a few drops of essential oil to the water for aromatherapy benefits. Soak your feet for about 10 minutes.

Gently rub pumice stone on your feet to slough off dry skin. Concentrate on rough spots and cracks. Dip your feet again in warm water.

Apply a small amount of foot sugar or salt scrub to each of your foot. Gently rub it with your hands over the entire area to get rid of dry skin.

Use a towel to dry off your feet completely. Apply a generous amount of foot lotion (preferably mint or lavender) to your feet until it is completely absorbed.

Pick a nail paint of your choice. Apply two coats of the polish and let your toenails dry for at least 20 minutes.

Dig Your Polished Nails Into the Dirt

Before applying colored polish, always use a base coat. Not only does a base coat provide a smooth surface for color, but it can promote healthier nails. Base coats are necessary for promoting healthier nails, and ensuring easier application.

What is a base coat?

A base coat is a clear coat that can double as a top coat, which is applied on top of the color. In most cases it is a basic clear nail polish, though some brands offer base coats with protein, aloe vera, vitamin E, and/or calcium. These featured ingredients add strength to the nail.


How should you use a base coat?

The base coat is applied before any nail polish. However, it is recommended that you use a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover (preferably non-acetone) to ensure that the oily residue is removed from the nail bed. The recommended application follows three steps. Three strokes are used to apply base and polish to your nail: one stroke from the base of the nail to the tip, following along the center of the nail, and then around the base and up each side. Always make sure to let it dry before applying any other coats of polish, otherwise it will chip easily.

Sweet Color S077

Bright up , spice up, your dull day

Sometimes, when it rains a lot and there is no sun for a long time, one starts feeling depressed . All you have to do then is get out of your quilts, jump out of that bed , wear some nice shorts or sport a sexy mini skirt and flaunt your sexy legs in it , take a beautiful trendy umbrella, there are so many varieties in the market today , wear some bright colourful rainy boots or slippers if you can dare to get your feet dirty. go for a walk if its drizzling. do not sit and enjoy the rain sitting in your room. if its raining heavily make something good good tasty , spicy and enjoy with a hot cup of coffee. you will enjoy it.

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