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I am always all the time just living and waiting to worship my lovely Senorita's feet .. . , and this summer day she was out on work - we had planned such that she would also reach home by the time I reached home at 4 pm that afternoon.. ., and we were both to enjoy an awesome 6 hours of me playing a ton of games being her pet doggy and dying crazy to lick her soles and wiggle my tongue between her toes with so much intensity which drove both of us mad all the time .. . . . .

I reached back home on time actually much earlier . ., killing through traffic like a rabbid dog . .. and in the car I was doing my non-stop chant . .. .talva talva talva talva talva talva . .. . . i just couldnt bear to wait any longer to feel my tongue want to merge into her sexy soft pink soles  a million times for eternity!!!  .. . . 

since she keeps her cellphone off 99% of the time . ..  in not finding her home  . . .I was just so so upset.. .. . 

I couldn't wait any longer I took out all her sandals and slippers and floaters and began to feel myself in heaven .. . sniffing them, kissing them with so much time never wanting this to end but longing for her to come and to love her feet to eternity . . .i was just starting to lick the soles of her floaters which she uses to walk every day.. . ohh the mud tasted and smelt so so sexy I was all tight as a iron ROD and my mind hell bent to devour and clean everyspeck on the soles of all her divine foowear .. . .

and there she barges in .  .. and finding me enjoying her sandals alone. . she is wild at me for startging all alone without her ... . .then she made me serve her feet . . .. I can not describe it .. . .it was out of this world.! you have to see it to enjoy it and feel it in your every cell . . . . .hoping and praying that you too some day are blessed!!!!

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