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Beautiful Indian Brides

These are some very beautiful Indian brides. All of their body jewelry, adornments, and tattoos make them especially radiant. Their wedding dresses and makeup also help to make them very beautiful brides

Beautiful Indian Brides

Beautiful Indian Brides

Beautiful Indian Brides

Beautiful Indian Brides

Beautiful Indian Brides

5 must-have lingerie for modern day brides

We bring you the 5 must-have lingerie pieces you need to have in your wedding trousseau in order to tease and please your man.

You need to pack a handful of variety in lingerie, and it should be a mix of comfort and sensuality, with a combination of assorted colours, as these inner little things would help you sail through your wedding and honeymoon. Also, these days, some quirky stuff is very necessary to blow your husband's mind away!

Silicon bras:

The modern day bride takes fabulous care of her figure before her wedding days. And to flaunt that, she opts for designer wardrobe which includes, backless cholis , halter neck gowns, off shoulder dresses. For such dresses, it's important to remember that opting for the wrong style of lingerie can kill your dress and spoil your overall look. To avoid that, you must buy a silicon bra, it would keep you free from the tension of visible straps and you will get the desired lift.

Sexy nightwear:

Seductive Black Lace Suit with Pink Less Bra :

Along with all other lingerie, you must keep a sexy and naughty one piece nightwear in your lingerie collection. It must be beautiful and sensuous enough for the wedding night. You can opt for satin and lace lingerie in red, black, maroon and purple for nightwear.

C-string thongs:


If you have packed body hugging dresses, fitted jeans or pants, you need to have a C-string thong in your suitcase. Obviously you wouldn't want to embarrass yourself by showing those panty lines and spoiling the look of your dress. C-string thong will give you a sense of freedom; not worrying about showing panty lines. The best part of wearing a C-String thong is, it accentuates your back, providing you the perfect posture for that body hugging dress.

IMAGES: Sexy lingerie on the Paris catwalk!

Role play costumes: 

These days, couples get to know each other well before the wedding, and are very much aware of each others likes, dislikes and fantasies. Surprise your partner with a role playing costumes you think he would love to see you in. In the case of new couples, role playing adds that element of fun to mask possible discomfort that each partner would feel in the bedroom. It helps set the mood for your relationship. A mood we are sure would be much appreciated by both partners.Though the thought may not be extremely new, but the availability used to be a constraint. The availability has only sprung in the last few years, and you can get a costume of your choice easily.


 Bought all short dresses for honeymoon, and selected a cold destination? In this situation, your worries gets little less if you have carried a pair of stockings with you. They cover your legs providing you warmth and adding more style to your dress. Also, you can wear them with your lingerie in bedroom, as there is something very seductive about wearing a pair of fishnet or thigh high stockings.

Improve Libido: Top 12 Foods to Improve Sex Drive

Improve Libido - Improve your Sex Drive

It’s commonly perceived that foods that look like body parts can boost your sex drive.  Dr Vijay Singhal, Sexologist with Delhi based Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute lists out the truth behind foods and fruit that can improve your libido.

There are certain items that are particularly beneficial. Walnuts, strawberry, avocados, watermelons and almonds. One must note that alcohol is bad for a healthy sex life - it increases the desire but decreases the performance.

Improve Libido: Top 12 Foods to Improve Sex Drive

Walnuts improve the quality of sperm. It is known to improve the shape, movement and vitality of the sperm. Include walnuts in your diet to improve fertility.

Improve Libido: Top 12 Foods to Improve Sex Drive

Strawberries and raspberries:

The seeds of these fruits are loaded with zinc which is essential for sex for both, men and women. If women have high levels of zinc their bodies find it easier to prepare for sex. In men, zinc controls thetestosterone level which is responsible for producing sperm. It is important that men load up on zinc as their zinc levels reduces during intercourse.

Improve Libido: Top 12 Foods to Improve Sex Drive


Folic acid and vitamin B6 are both necessary for a healthy sex drive. Folic acid pumps the body with energy, while vitamin B6 stabilises the hormones.

Improve Libido: Top 12 Foods to Improve Sex Drive


Watermelon improves your erection and increases your libido. They also contain citrulline which releases amino acids and arginine in the body. Arginine is responsible for vascular health.

Improve Libido: Top 12 Foods to Improve Sex Drive


Almonds contain arginine which improves circulation and relaxes blood vessels. This amino acid found in almonds helps you maintain an erection.

Improve Libido: Top 12 Foods to Improve Sex Drive


Dark chocolate releases serotonin and endorphins that improves your mood. It doesn’t improve libido but you will not be a grouch.

10 Steps to Increase Your Sex Drive

Steps to Increase your Sex Life

There was a time when you used you to un-dress in front of your husband or talk seductively to your lady love. But that time has passed. Now, you're more likely to say 'honey! Not now, maybe some other time,’ and you're not alone. Many others can join this club, because work and stress catch up with everyone and a decrease in libido is guaranteed. Today, to help you re-kindle that dying spark in love and your sex life, we share 10 steps through which you can increase your sex drive. Don't worry, that honeymoon romance isn't over yet! *Images courtesy: © Thinkstock photos/ Getty Images 

Deal with stress instead of ignoring it

Stress is the biggest cause for low libido action. Ban stress from your life by opting for ways to tackle it. Different solutions work for different people. Some feel de-stressed with some great rounds of exercise, others need to mellow it down and count breaths while meditating or practising yoga

Meeting stress head on and fighting it will help you develop a positive outlook in life and give you that all-important feel good factor; this will make you more sexual and attractive to your partner.

Touch, hug, feel

All physical touch does not have to lead to sex. Allow your partner to give you a sensuous massage to replace that mundane moisturising routine. Or simply hug as often as you can. The skin-to-skin contact will boost your oxytocin levels, which will make you more relaxed, when you go closer to your partner.

Get kinky

Call each other and talk dirty during breaks. Hint at what special surprise awaits him/her in the evening after work. Perceived stimuli works excellently in leading the libido to some quality time.

Don’t stuff your stomach 

10 Steps to Increase Your Sex Drive

Try to avoid large meals, if you plan to have sex. Eat at least an hour before, so that you are comfortable and not overly stuffed and lethargic in bed.

Play ‘Chinese Whisper’

Whisper seductively in your partner's ear. Whisper about sexual turn-ons, romantic experiences, sexual experiments, desires, whatever comes to mind.

Light up your room

Decorate your room with lights and play soothing romantic music, to create the mood. Then give your love a good back massage to de-stress him/her after a tiring day at work.

Shower together

10 Steps to Increase Your Sex Drive

Bathing together is a great way to increase your sex drive. Try creative shower ideas, by filling the bathroom with a soothing scent or dive in the bath tub together. 


Caressing has the full power to turn on your partner immediately. While kissing your partner use your hands to caress him/her. Kiss your partner's ear lobes, eye lids and other parts to get them in the mood.

Role Play

You can arouse your partner by indulging in some flirty games.Have a sexual fantasy you've wanted to play for a long time? Now is as good a time as any other. Share this fantasy with your partner, and get cracking!

Socialise with peers

This may come as a surprise, but the more you interact with others, the higher are the chances of your libido kickstarting again. Socialising with your peers makes you feel young again, and leaves you with the same feelings of want and desire you once had as a younger person. 

Be a Popeye in Bed

The best thing of Spinach is that it helps in loosing fat, making good muscles and last you longer in bed.

Sexologists, cardiologists, and psychologists agree: how much you consume has a huge impact on your sexual health Exactly what you eat is critically important, too. "Essentially, what's good for your heart is good for better sex," declares Steven Lamm, MD, a faculty member at New York School of Medicine, and author of The Hardness Factor: How to Achieve Your Best Health and Sexual Fitness at Any Age

SEX, before enjoying know about it

UTI, it stands for Urinary Tract infection.75% of times they are triggered by having Sex. Its a total health issue. It has nothing to do with your personal hygiene , and getting one can be painful so one should better be aware of it. Her I am giving some tips which will help prevent them.

Going to the bathroom is key. You don’t have to sprint to the toilet immediately after sex. Simply follow this protocol as much as possible:

  • Drink about two quarts of water each day.
  • Pee regularly throughout the day. Don’t hold it in for hours at a time.
  • Pee right before you go to bed. Even better, go twice before bed. Pee once and then 15 minutes later.
  • Pee at least 30 minutes before and after intercourse.

Want to do a little extra-credit prevention? This stuff can also help fend off a UTI:

  • Drink 4-ounces of 100%-natural cranberry juice a day. No added sugar. Vodka-cranberry combos don’t count. Just pure juice.
  • Wipe from front to back, especially after a bowel movement.
  • Make sure your underwear has a cotton crotch. Cotton breathes but synthetic lining can trap moisture and spread bacteria.
  • Use lube during sex to reduce friction on your urethra. Changing up your sex positions will also help.
  • Avoid soaps, douches, sprays, or spermicides that have irritated your vag before.
  • Take vitamin C.

Now, if you experience pain or burning while peeing, and a constant feeling that you have to pee, you might have a UTI. Other symptoms include pink urine (from blood), a fever or chills, pain in your lower back, and peeing very little even though you feel like you really have to go a lot. Go see a doctor and have it checked out ASAP. (You don’t want it to turn into a kidney infection or worse, like a 10-day hospital visit!) UTIs are usually treated with a round of antibiotics.

9 Things You Didn’t Know About Men and Sex

9 Things You Didn’t Know About Men and Sex

Glamour magazine celebrated a very important birthday recently…their exclusive “man survey” turned 18! The ladies at Glamour don’t hold back when it comes to asking guys everything and anything about what goes on in between their sheets, and the most recent survey was no different. 1,131 men answered their uncensored questions this time around—here are the findings that had us most surprised:


  • 13% of men have a nickname for their penis, and some are pretty creative—like Penisaurus Rex and Sean Bonery. Well done, guys, well done.

  • But what’s with the double standard? 41% of guys think it would be weird if a woman named her vagina. What, you don’t like Vagina Shmagina?!

  • Wondering if porn is affecting him when it comes to your sex life? It might! 17% of men surveyed say porn gave them unrealistic expectations about sex…but 31% say porn made them a better sex partner. Do you agree?

  • 52% of men would take a male birth control pill—46% said yes in 2011.

  • Toys in the bedroom? 70% of guys are all for it, but 30% have some catching up to do—they get worried they’re not good enough in bed if you break out a vibrating friend.

  • 79% of men admit to having fantasized about a female colleague, and 43% had fantasized about a female boss. You KNEW Gary the copy guy was looking at you weird.

  • Just friends? Not according to 31% of men, who don’t believe in platonic friendships between men and women.

  • Most guys don’t worry about their package, but of the 43% who do, most worry that they’re too small. Only 4% of men worry it’s too big…tough times!

  • 18 years ago, 43% of Glamour‘s guys said they had faked an orgasm. And thank goodness that this year only 31% said they had. Let’s make a deal, guys: we won’t if you won’t!

7 Libido Boosters from Around the World

It’s a fact: 30 percent of American women have low sexual desire. To lift your libido, there are several little-known tricks you can try. Have fun testing out these alternative libido-stimulating options.

1. SPICY FOODS: Spicy foods get your blood flowing and naturally turn up the heat in your body (which also fires up your metabolism). A few international flavors to include into your dishes:
–Mexico: Jalapeno peppers and Habanero chillies
–Louisiana: Tabasco sauce is an all-American hot sauce consisting of mashed, aged red peppers, combined with vinegar and salt
–India: Curry comes in several colors and intensities. It’s a mix of spices including hot turmeric.
–Thailand: Sriracha is a super hot chili sauce or paste often found in Asian restaurants
–Japan: Wasabi, the Japanese horseradish often found in sushi
–South Africa: Peri Peri sauce from Peri Peri chilies

2. YOGA: Yoga is more than a flexibility-making om session. According to Beverly Whipple, PhD., certified sex researcher and Professor Emerita at Rutgers University of New Jersey, certain yogic positions, like the Eagle pose, directs blood flow to your pelvis, creating a warm and relaxed sensation, increasing desire and arousal.

3. BLACK LICORICE: Huge in Finland… black licorice is the candy that just might get you in the mood to get randy! A study conducted by Alan R. Hirsch, neurological director, Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, revealed that women who were exposed to the scent of black licorice reported a 13 percent increase in blood flow to the nether regions compared to a1 percent reduction from the scent of men’s cologne!

4. GINGER: You don’t have to travel to Japan (though if you can, why not…) to sample this stimulating root. Particularly revved up after a Sushi date? It may be the Ginger, which is a powerful circulatory system stimulant, sending blood to the sexual organs…

5. CHOCOLATE AND WALNUTS: Stimulate even more of your senses with chocolate and walnuts. Chocolate instantly boosts production of phenylethylamine, a chemical that directly affects the brain’s pleasure center, increasing the intensity of orgasms! Walnuts are loaded with manganese, which can activate an increase in your body’s release of the “feel good” chemical dopamine.

6. EAT BUGS: According to ancient Chinese belief and herbalist Ron Teegarden, ants and male silk moths are effective sexual tonics. Ant, known as the “Herb of Kings,” improves sexual function and increases virility and fertility while easing anxiety and stress (which is often to blame for low sex drive). To up your guy’s ante, slip him a few squirts of male silk moth. Rich in protein and male hormones, male silk moth accelerates the growth of sperm.

7. WORKOUT: Libido is both about a chemical and emotional high. More than mentally being in the mood, if you want to have better sex, you’ve got to get the blood flowing! How? Specific stretches, cardio, strength, and a lower back massage helps too. The great new is, you can do this libido lifter without leaving your house, or anywhere else in the world. 

Sexual Nutrition


An aphrodisiac, a substance that puts one in the mood for love, can include food, herbs, good conversation, moonlight and even lingerie! Aphrodisiacs are named after, Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, fruitfulness, and beauty. They may have a direct effect on the erogenous zones. Some may stimulate, irritate or be a diuretic, causing one to experience more sensation.

Aphrodisiacs may affect the mind, cause relaxation and prolong lovemaking. Their shape, texture or smell may be reminiscent of sex; according to an ancient worldwide belief called The Doctrine of Signatures, plants give us hints as to what they are good for, by the way they look, smell, taste, and grow. They may be highly nutritious and by improving health, bring about healthier libido. Both sex and food are closely related by being pleasurable and physical.

Aphrodisiacs can be enjoyed anywhere from half an hour to an hour before making love. Best when they are incorporated into one’s daily life for their health tonifying properties. As good health is essential to sexual vitality, good nutrition is imperative. When we are in poor health, sexual vitality decreases.

Grains for libido include rice (no wonder it is thrown at weddings), wild rice, barley, buckwheat, corn, millet and oats.

Shiitake mushrooms are used in the orient to make women more responsive. In general, roots such as carrots, dandelion and burdock help energize the lower chakras. A Japanese proverb says, “A man who likes carrots, likes women. It would be unwise to serve your beloved wilted carrots.” Okra is stiff and exudes a slimy fluid, not unlike sexual fluids.

Garlic and onions are warming and stimulating. Egyptian priests and devout Hindus were forbidden from consuming them in the belief that they would lose control over their sensual desires.

Arugula was often used in ancient love potions. It is still found growing around phallic statues in Greece and Rome. Celery contains androsterone, which is released in the sweat after being consumed. It attracts women and has traditionally been included in aphrodisiac recipes.

Artichokes are an unopened flower. Paris street vendors of the 1700′s used to cry out “Artichokes! Artichokes! Heats the body and the spirit. Heats the genitals!” It is the one vegetable there is more of, after you eat it.

The French word for beet, betterave, is slang for penis or “man root.” Avocados are called ahuactl in South America, meaning “testicle. ” Sea vegetables, both salty and dark colored are mineral rich and nourish the thyroid gland and entire endocrine system, which when under active, lessen libido. Winter squash and cabbage are warming nutritive sexual tonic foods.

Phosphorus found in chutneys, curries, salsas and hot foods stimulate circulation and the sex organs. The Perfumed Garden says “Green peas boiled with onions together with cinnamon, ginger and cardamoms, all aground, create passion and strength in coitus.”


Fruits entice passion with their sweetness and succulence. Consider their shape, hot colors and juicy nature. Apples, apricots, bananas, cherries, dates (especially Jujube – Chinese red dates), mangoes, mulberries, peaches, persimmons, strawberries, and watermelon (eat the seeds) are all considered sex tonic foods. Suck the fruit out of a perfectly ripe persimmon. Try eating ripe mangoes in a bathtub with your beloved.

Figs and pomegranates, known for their abundance of seeds, are traditional love tonics. Pomegranate means “apple of many seeds” and due to its blood red color has long been a symbol of fertility, birth and sexuality. If you are in the tropics where they grow, soursop and durian, you are in luck! These are considered supreme sexual foods. There is a saying in Malaysia, “When the durians fall, the sarongs rise.” Better to eat a piece of ripe fruit than to over stimulate blood sugar levels with excessive amounts of sweet juices.

Nuts and seeds are foods of love. Being fertile, they contain the reproductive energy of plants. Almonds, chia, hazelnuts, hemp seed, pine nuts, pistachios, poppy, walnuts, pumpkin, sesame (especially black) and sunflower seeds are rich in zinc, an important component of sexual fluids. Halvah, made of sesame seed and honey are food for inability to orgasm and to give courage. Nuts and seeds are excellent sources of nutrients, high in protein and essential fatty acids. Soaking them overnight and rinsing the next morning, removes enzyme inhibitors, softens them and enhances their digestibility as well as “bringing them to life” as many will sprout “tails.” Always avoid rancid nuts and seeds.

Chocolate and rose water contain a chemical called phenylethylamine that is also produced by the brains of people in love and simulates post coital bliss. Chocolate was the love tonic of Montezuma who drank some fifty cups daily, before visiting his harem of six hundred women. During the 1800′s, physicians suggested chocolate to boost libido. When enjoying chocolate, allow it to slowly and sensuously melt in your mouth.

When buying rose water, make sure it says distilled to avoid buying a synthetic product. Add rosewater to desserts such as rice pudding and baklava.

Use lavish amounts of the culinary herbs in your cuisine, many of which are considered aphrodisiac, including anise, cardamom, cinnamon, cumin, curry (a blend of herbs), paprika, pepper and turmeric.

Ideal food for sexuality should be light, moist, sweet and easily digested. Moist foods lend their yin to sexual fluids. Naturally sweet foods, such as fruits and vegetables, provide energy and stamina.

Women and men need clean arteries for optimal arousal. A diet overly rich in animal fats (including pasteurized dairy products) can block nerve sensitivity and cause stagnant chi. As erection is achieved by blood moving into the penis, hardening of the arteries can hamper that essential function. Avoid hydrogenated oils such as margarine, shortening and fried foods. Eating excessive refined sugars and carbohydrates decreases libido. Icy cold foods can cool your passions. It is also best to eat small frequent meals to be emotionally stable. In general, eating less is an excellent way to stay sexually vital. Save some hunger for your beloved! Ice cream before bed cools your jets. Make snacks an opportunity for health by eating nourishing foods. Let nuts, seeds, active yogurt, fruit and vegetables replace candy and ice cream.

By feeding a potential mate, you exhibit your ability to provide food and pleasure. Share meals with your beloved as much as possible. Say a blessing first. Enjoy beautiful, delicious, healthful food. Prepare food with a vibration of love, enjoying music, pretty things to work with and luscious organic ingredients. Food tastes great when eaten outside. Enjoy picnics, even if it’s in your own yard, under a tree.

Enjoy the sensation of eating with your fingers. Inhale the aromas of your food. Taste and savor. Let eating be a sensual pleasure. Remember to avoid any foods topically that you may be allergic to orally.

Sharing of food is simple love magic and has long signified trust and bonding.

Flowers are the sex organs of plants. Decorate your food with organic edible flowers such as violets, rose petals (organic – with the white heel removed), day lilies and hibiscus

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