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I am Dave, 28 years old, Half Canadian and Lebanese

In fact, i have a long story to share, you may believe or not, but with due respect, i strongly believe in every each word i am going to write.

When i was kid, around 12-13 years old, i was doing something that i didn't realize, something very weird, I was imagine my self as a prisoner person and captivated for a woman who is forcing me down to kiss her feet; meanwhile, i'm playing with my thing until it come, without have any idea about sex slave or masturbation either sex between woman and male, i was doing that many times, it was my best activity when i was alone.

When i become adult, i recognized that issues was weird and kind of masturbation into feet fetish and sex slave, i deeply tried to remember the resources / or the reason of why i was doing that? whether from my own imaginations or dreams ( PS: there was no media, no TV, nothing of that erotic issues ) and then I've asked my self :
what is the purpose ? from where i did learned that and from who? and why feet and slavery instead of usually sex like the majority of male who like sex!!!!
I started hating my self because i'm not a usual man, i'm a slave. I really hated my behavior, it was very shame.

well, now i'm still into slavery, i tried to do usually sex, but i wasn't happy, and my thing doesn't became very hard while of casual sex, because the lack of missing feet, so i do changing in into foot job just to make sure that my thing will become hard enough, and i'm severing till now from that problem, only feet and all kind of fetish which drive me on, but ass, pussy and bobbies cannot drive me on :(

I don't know if that is right or not but i know it is very shame, even i cannot tell the one who i want to marry that you have to become mistress when sex time,
I think i will be lonely the whole time because of that problem :(

Thanks for your time, and please if someone could help me by any advice, leave a comment here or send me mail to :
I would to reading your feedback


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Hi Dave , thanks for sharing about yourself..,  it is very note that you recollect that there was no media to give you such example when you were 12-13.., and of your inner - self you imagined that you were a prisoner of a woman who forced you to kiss her feet and then you masturbated , to my mind it is possible that whilst you were in your mothers womb she might have been exposed to such media ... may be she heard this story or your parents discussed this or that she heard it or read it by chance somewhere.., it is established science that when the child is in the womb of the mother it has sufficient consciousness and can learn by itself through the sensory organs of his / her mother.( )., On reading what you have written I don't feel there's anything weird to it.., its your personal choice and taste.., many humans just dont like sex at all they are called A-sexuals ( ) in your case you are aroused only with feet of a woman and that too when she is in a dominant posture.., It will be important for you to live a happy life if you opt for the institution of marriage with a woman that that woman is very understanding and that you express 100% to her..,

Remember that Change is the only constant in this universal system.. so even you can change if you want to.. if you feel good of your choice and taste then don't change.., if you feel you can live better and enjoy better when you change you can try to learn how to change.. One thing i will strongly recommend to you is to forego your guilt feeling.., if you are causing no harm to another living being, and are contributing yourself to wards your work and thus the nature surrounding you .. you need not feel guilty at all.., your taste and choice about how a dominant feet of a dominant woman only arouse you has no reason to suffer in guilt., if you like feet so much tell your brain not to look at anything else in a woman and just her feet.., The mind and the brain are different.., the brains of Humans over generations has been programmed by the minds to do opposite of what is instructed.., for example if you tell your brain don't look at boobies.. the first response of the brain is most likely to be I want to look..., this will be a starting step..., then look at the finger nails of the hands of women... initiating this practice slowly you will begin to appreciate the Female Human form in its entirety . , it will not happen will take time.. you will have to work patiently and diligently..., at all times remember to tell your brain that you are so thankful that you have this beautiful unique taste of getting aroused with feet and in being dominated.... If i can be bold to share with you what i have learnt so far in life from my experiences at the risk of sounding conceited, but I say this with due humility: " the most apparently complex problems in life most certainly have the most simple solutions!" I know i have still to learn a lot and may be this may not hold true in some situations.., but so far i have seen it and lived it a lot!

I would like to bold that line in my brain : 

" the most apparently complex problems in life most certainly have the most simple solutions!"

As you say beautiful unique taste of getting aroused with feet and in being dominated.  

I like this expression, sound good, maybe i have to seek an open minded girl who really could understand my mind. I envy you about your courage that u has in ur inner mind, u dare to express ur feeling and tell who u are, what is ur mission and the purpose of ur living ,,,, to the surrounding environment of the whole world, while, i cannot dare to do that and have this encouragement of telling my hidden secret, maybe someday before marriage,  i will tell the girl who i want to marry but not the whole world .  It is Just HOPE to find a girl who could really do understand me :) 

Thank you my friend, i strongly recommend you for the experience you do share for others ... 

Thankyou Dave, I am happy to note that you have understood my expression in its correct spirit, I strongly feel that you start practicing what i suggested and you will enjoy more varied tastes in life., Enjoy and take care!


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