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Tips and tricks to keep your feet beautiful & Healthy

To take care of your feet is equally important as to take care of any other body part. we should inspect them everyday infact, i would say that we should see them with a magnifying glass, lol. well, m not joking but to see clearly when you sit to clean the toes and nails and all, you have to be clear.

we should be very much clear about the shoes also what we wear, how good they fit, hw is the room for our toes in. if you feel cramped (i mean your feet)you should never buy such a pair, be it the most beautiful one also.

we should wear socks every time we wear a shoe . Wearing a shoe without socks is not good for the feet and toes. one can have corns. your socks should be very much clean and well fitted. change your socks every time you remove. do not wear them second time.

if you suffer from corns, bruises, cuts, cracked heels , bleeding heels , ingrown toenails or any problem related to foot, you should check with a podiatrist instead of opening your own medicine box. certain problems like ingrown toenails and corns and all these need doctor's help. one cannot cure then sitting at home. 

i know Granny's tips or grandmaa's  nature care tips are widely known and they work also because i also believe and take care at home  with the help of such tips. i love to pamper myself and my feet. i have spolied them ;) , i mean i have overly pampered them. i take them out of my shoes very less, i hardly walk bare foot. i never stepped in dirt ,neither with shoes and no questions without shoes. 

i always apply cream or petroleum jelly on my heels and i think it is very good. when ever you apply a cream be very careful about not applying in between the toes or you will mess up with the condition of your feet. if the remain a bit of wet also or damp like and you have applied any cream or jelly in between, your feet are suffered very badly. 

applying Vicks on the heels also give very good results. Vicks, our Vicks Vaporub the regular medicine for cough and cold. it gives excellent results when applied and the night and gone to sleep. 

cut your nails very carefully or go to the parlor. cutting after the bath is a good time for those who have hard nails. always file them. be it a man or a woman, when you cut a nails, it should be filed.

never sit with one leg on top of the other while you are sitting on a chair. a position where your one foot is in a dangling position. sitting in that position causes reduce blood flow and then swelling and numbness and all that happens . it is bad and wrong. 

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Comment by Señorita on September 3, 2011 at 3:14pm
It is true that most of us neglect our feet. we take a back seat in comparison to other beauty treatments. i think, we need to take care of the feet if we want to be active and comfortable all our lives.
Comment by Ms. Beautiful Feet World on September 4, 2011 at 10:40pm
One should take care of their nails very much because they all need special caring like any other body part. people generally take care of face and feet or hands. very less population think about taking special care of the nails too . Minor finger nail or toe nail problems are very common .At one time or another almost every one has caught a nail on something or smashed it between the door or some one stepped on it , leaving blood under the nail.these kind of injuries are very painful and can sometime take months to heal. sometime the nail changes the color to blue and a new nail comes, which looks very crooked also. so, the beauty also is lost at times. so one need to be very very careful with every part of the body. Take very good care of your blood circulation also because if your blood circulation is not good then the nail can turn thick, dark and brittle. 

To nourish them and to make them soft and shiny one should dip them in olive oil and clean them twice a day. any mud and dirt can cause infection and then the nail and skin under suffers.after coming from gym or a walk, remove your shoes and relax your feet by dipping them in lukewarm water with some salt in it. 


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