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It's early morning. Summet is preparing breakfast for his goddess. He want to give her breakfast in bed today, that way, he maybe could get his breakfast in bed (her feet).
It's 9am. Sumeet enters the room of her goddess. She is waken, but still laying on the bed.

Sumeet: Goddes mein ap ke lije kanna le aya hu.
Señorita: So sweet. Here put it on the sidetable.
Sumeet: Yes.

After Sumeet has placed the tray with her juice and brekfast on the sidetable he sits down besides the bed starring at her feet. Her black painted toes are mouthwatering.
Señorita notice it and covers them under the pillow. She wants to see his despration. He gets sad VERY sad.

Señorita: What's wrong?
Sumeet: Why are you covering your feet?????
Señorita: Because the are angry at you ..
Sumeet: Angry? But why?
Señorita: Zara socho, kal raat tum kuch bhul gai the
Sumeet: Kya? Please tell me.
Señorita: Kal tum ne mera talwe nai chatte!
Sumeet: Maine chatte te talwe.
Señorita: Sach?
Sumeet: Yes, I promise. Don't you remember, I was sitting at your're feet, phir maine talwe chatte te,
Señorita: Yes yes, thats right, i remember.
Sumeet: I was even linking after you fell asleep, muje time ka pata hi nai chalta jab main talwa chat ta hon.
Señorita: Aaawwwwww. Here have a look then.

Señorita removes the pillow and Summet once again can see her beautiful black painted feet. Señorita put the tray in her lap, and begins to eat.

Señorita: I want to enjoy my breakfast, do you want to enjoy your?
Sumeet: Yes please!!!!!!!!!!
Señorita: Well, you do also look like a man who is hungry to taste my beautiful feet.
Sumeet: I am! I want to taste your beautiful, pretty, amazing, extordinary feet .. Please give me the chance to taste such tasty and charming feet.
Señorita: Itni taraif karte ho tum.
Sumeet: They deserve much more!
Señorita: Come come come, worship my feet Sumeet. I want to see your face in my feet right now!

Sumeet does not waste time and begin to worship the beautiful feet of Señorita. Wow. He is laying in her feet and worshiping them. His face is moving under her feet. He is loving them by kissing, linking and putting her toes in his mouth. Señorita is sitting and eating her breakfast meanwhile. She is also playing with his face, as she moves her feet sometime, sometimes push his face down and she footslaps him, and sometime she grabs his nose or lips in her toes.

Señorita: Kasa hai?
Sumet: Bohat bohat bohat acha!
Señorita: hahaha its good for you.
Sumeet: its the best breakfast ever.
Señorita: Sometimes you're just like a kid, pata nai ke kate waqt baat nai karte?
Sumeet: Sorry goddess.
Señorita: Chup chap mere pair chatto - enjoy every second of them.

Sumeet nods and continous to love her feet. He is so full of pasion, and is enjoying everything Señorita does to him with her feet. As long as they are on him, he doen't mind anything.
A very nice view, as both are have their breakfast togeather.

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