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Señotita is in a very good mood. She want Sumeet to realize how lucky he is to be able to serve so beautiful feet like her. She want to tease him. First she think that she will just order him to stay and just look at her feet when she talk, but then she think, it's not possible. Anyone would not be able to control themselves from worshipping her beautiful feet, so she decide to chain him up, so even if he want, he cant touch her feet.

She take a rope and bound Sumeet to a chair, close to the bed. He can't move know.

Sumeet: What are we going to do?
Señorita: Abhi pata chal jaye ga.
Sumeet: I love surprizes.

Señorita lays on the bed and has her feet on his lap.

Señorita: You love my feet, right?
Sumeet: Yes, very much.

Señorita slides her feet backward so the are by the bedend, just out of his reach..

Sumeet: Please don't remove them from me.
Señorita: Do you know how lucky you are, to touch or even to be able to see my beautiful feet?
Sumeet: I'm very lucky.
Señorita: What can you do for my feet?
Sumeet: Everything!
Señorita: Look at my soles .. They are so soft, so tasty.
Sumeet: Yes they are ......
Señorita: Wouldn't you just love to stick your tongue and drive it all the up and down my soles?
Sumeet: Yes! I would really love that.
Señorita: Then do it.
Sumeet: I can't move.
Señortia: Ohh poor boy ... Dying to put you tongue under my feet, but can't. So sad.
Sumeet: Please untie me goddes. Let my tongue taste your feet.
Señorita: Ssshhh. Look at my toes. They are sparkling and shining. They look so tasteful and beautiful.
Sumeet: Yes goddes yes.
Señorita: Just sit there and admire my feet. (laughs). You are lucky that you have the chance to see them. I could be mean and blindfold you, should I?
Sumeet: No, please don't goddess.
Señorita: I thought so. Here have a look closer.

Señorita slides her feet on his lap again. She moves them up his chest, just under his mouth on his neck.

Señorita: You are so lucky, that I touch you with my feet everyday!
Sumeet: I know goddess i know.
Señorita: Look at you, a true foot lover with passion. You are egar to worship your goddess.
Sumeet: You're feet are my life Señorita!

Señorita stop playing with his body and slides her feet back on the bed. There was a teddy on her side. She grab him with her feet.
She put her feet on the teddy and squeez him. Kicking, footslaping, grabing, etc.

Señorita: He is so soft, and making no noize.
Sumeet: I'm better goddess try me please!
Señorita: Tum? Are you really worthy of that?????
Sumeet: I'll give my best I promise, I'll do exactly as you say.
Señorita: Let's us try .. Hmm, bark for my feet.
Sumeet: Wauw wauw wauw wauw.
Señorita: I need a real dog for my feet, where is your tongue, stick it out like a dog.
Señorita: That's is better. Here kiss the bottom of my big toe.
Sumeet: Wauw wauw
Señorita: Come on fast kisses faster Sumeet!

Señorita has jamed both her big toes on his lips and he is kissing and kissing!

Señorita: Good boy!
Sumeet: Thank your Señorita !!!!!!!!!
Señorita: Know I'm going to foot-slap you . You have to kiss every slap, understood?
Sumeet: Yes my goddess.
Señorita: Turn your head right ..... SMASH!
Señorita: Turn your head left ........ SMASH!
Señorita: Keep your head on the right ...... SMASH! ... SMASH! .. SMASH!
Señorita: This is so much fun.
Sumeet: Yes it is goddess, have I been a good boy.
Señorita: Yes, challo lower your head. Mai tumhe ashirwat du, ke tum isitara pairo se pyar karo!

Summet lowers his head and Señorita put her right foot on his head and gives him her bless. After this she open him and he lay down on the ground besides the bed.

Señorita: No sit up like a dog.
Sumeet: As you wish, I can be anything for those feet.
Señorita: I want you to stick your tongue in between every toe, come om action!
Sumeet: Wow! Thanks.
Señorita: That's right, you're doing well. Now kiss the bottoms of my feet, dont miss any spot.
Summet: Ji ........ Is that good enough?
Señorita: It was very good Sumeet, I feel proud that I have trained you so well. I can interduce you to my friends now. Im sure they will like you to worship their feet.
Summet: Thank you so much!
Señorita: Go grab my socks ..
Sumeet: Likin maine abhi talwe nahi chatte? Mujhe please chat ne do.
Señorita: I have to jog, and after jog I need your tonge to massage my soles ... In the meantime, your can link my worn chappals. Im sure you can taste my feet in those.
Sumeet: Thank you!  Here are your socks goddes.
Señorita: Tumhari tameez kider hai? Make me wear them.
Sumeet: Oh Im so sorry. Here you go.
Señorita: Challo Im leaving now, here are my chappals, inhe sai tara se chatto. Can you see these footprints, jab main wapas au to yeh goom ho samje? Warni teri khair nai, tujhe fher mere gussa wakawa gi.
Summet: No i'll make sure not to dissapoint you.
Señorita: Wadia gal kiti hai tu - hon meri chappal wadia chat!

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