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We now offer Individual (single) Videos for sale.., any video just Rs. 540.00 Pay using this link:
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the download link will be sent to you within 24 hours, and it will be valid for another 24 hours..,
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1. ONE MONTH - MBFW Videos Download Membership
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We are offering Ms. Beautiful Feet World domain names... register and it will redirect to your profile here on Ms. Beautiful Feet world.., (example: )

We offer two types of domain registrations:

1. (yourname can be your nickname or real name but not a generic word)

2. Generic words premium names: like , , , , etc..

For getting (your name can be your real name or your nick name) but not a generic name.. the cost is just Rs. 3000.00 for 10 YEARS!!!

domain names so registered can be sold by its owner only to other existing members on the site at a premium but every change of redirection to a new profile will cost Rs. 500.00

The cost for a premium Generic names like etc. is Rs. 30000 for 10 years and they can be redirected to begin with to your designated business or personal page but which should not be a porn page or that of a competitor.

The premium domain name registrant will also get a similar email id, for example if you register then you will also get an alias email forwarding to your designated email.

Hurry up before they all go away!!!

To confirm your registration email me on giving details of the domain name you want, we will then give you the payment options either for online or for our bank deposit.


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