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I think, there is no better way to be pampered than getting a nice relaxing foot massage. every person has his or her different ways for everything, but i think this is one of the best.

A nice good pedicure which is all a pure heavenly pleasure to the feet because after a nice massage , a good pedicure, and then a relaxed feeling.

It feels so divine and everyone is eligible be it of any age or sex, massaging is very healthy also because feet are the most important part of our human anatomy in as much as every part is equally important because if we face any problem any where, we feel so stuck up, sad , and worried, but feet i believe , are to be taken care of  more because we stand the whole day on them, we walk, jump, wear high heels and what not . so i think and believe, that massaging our feet is very very important and to avoid any problem in future related to feet or pains in feet areas or joints or ankles and knees and back pain also . 

Foot care is not just fashion, i think it is necessity , if we do not do, we will be the ones to suffer, nobody else.  so, every time you enter a parlor or a spa, do remember that you are there because of your feet.... these feet are the ones who brought you there lol....

Reflexology is one of he best thing that you can try .  I know it sounds complex but it is not at all complex.  According to Reflexology practitioners , there are some pressure points on the soles of our feet and if we apply pressure on them then the related organ will be effected...., because every point is related to an organ . You can cure your acute headaches, your eye sights, stomachache , and even your backache. i myself do it and it is very good and effective in backaches and headaches. I suffer from Spondylitis and when ever i wear high heels now, i suffer from severe back pain and headache. and i have seen myself that when i get Reflexology done, i am very much relaxed and in relief. 

I like the pampering of my feet starting from the cleansing ritual by soaking in nice warm water with all flowers around, nice scented candles and beautiful aroma. a soft music and very less light around . then your person, who so ever is treating you or giving you the massage holds them, and give the massage in all circular motion . then applying all sorts of creams and giving pressure to all the points . any pedicure or foot massage will last for thirty minutes and is very relaxing. one feels very relaxed and energetic. it is also because some of those pressure points are also worked in that session because of which our body feels relaxed and light.... light as a feather.... it is so awesome a feeling to experience that if you indulge yourself in it you will end up feeling spoiled in it, lol. not a joke but it is something to be really addicted to. 

Like me, i am addicted to it. i care for my feet equally and at times more also , as compared to face. but i do go for regular massagaes because they are very relaxing and they do nt take much of your time. 

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