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This is about many years back when i was in my later teens, I was with my friend and it was raining. Raining like drizzling not a strong one. so we parked our vehicle and started to walk. suddenly it started raining heavily and we rushed  to a footwear store . when I entered I thought why not buy one when by luck I have entered this place . The person there knows me well because I am a regular customer to buy footwear's from their shop. The sales man came to me and asked me to remove my sandals . I sat and bent down, but then sales man said that he will remove my sandals and he loves it, I allowed him... then my friend brought some good pairs of heels for me to try and I never noticed but my friend noticed this thing that the salesman who was helping me with the removing and wearing of the sandals he was just sticking to my feet and giving me a foot massage , he was almost taking my feet very near his face,  he specially got some one to get coffee for me so that I would obviously need to wait there longer ;) and all this time my friend was very cool about it and was actually enjoying naughtily within himself, he just kept putting on and removing the same Heels over and over again insisting me to see how nice they looked and take another chance to massage my feet when he had removed one set of heels and before trying the other one on.., it was cold and rainy outside so very much enjoyed the foot massage but at that time I was totally unaware that feet are a major point of sexual attraction for many.., for me I always took lot of care of my feet, but I felt very natural that some or many are very attracted to beautiful feet, actually why not.., and it actually surprises me when some women I hear express shock or disgust if anyone compliments or wants to admire their feet! I think its some thing so wonderful and blissful to experience..,  it should be culturally mandatory for men to greet women by first bowing down and kissing their feet! ;)

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Comment by Sumeet Sharma on July 28, 2011 at 4:51pm
Bien Dicho Señorita , Well Said Señorita thats the way Men should always greet women.., allow me to greet you with a million kisses for each of your beautiful toenails!!! :)

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Comment by Mysterion.pilot on October 11, 2011 at 12:51pm

And how i wish for once i could pamper your soft beautiful soles with my hands and mouth for as long as you wanted. .

they say we should dream alot, you never know when that dream comes true ;)

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Comment by Manas Varma on March 29, 2013 at 8:34pm

Yes I do agree with Goddess Senorita. Want to greet her that way


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